Maintaining good hygiene is always our top priority, and given the current situation it is now more important than ever. We have increased our daily hygiene practices in line with all the latest government guidelines and advice. Our premises are deep cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. Harry and Bradley wear protective clothing, single-use gloves, single-use hairnets and masks. Regular and thorough hand washing as well as the use of anti-bacterial hand gel throughout the day is a standard practice at Sweet Mouthful Mixes Headquarters.


Sweet Mouthful Mixes is a small business based in Hertfordshire, England. Owned by myself, Katrina and my partner Malik. We have always been a fan of going to the cinema and buying a tasty bag of pick n mix but we have noticed how stale they usually are, they are EXPENSIVE, oh and theres never a different variety. So we have taken it upon ourselves to provide the BEST pick n mix delivered fresh & direct to your door


Our amazing branded bags will always be filled with the finest and freshest pick n mix sweets and chocolates. We offer 6 different variants which you can check out on our product page, each bag will contain a different variety each month.


We guarantee that we have something for everyone that will satisfy your sugary needs. Since you're here and took time out of your day to read this, enjoy 15% off your order using this discount code 'aboutus' ENJOY !


Email: info@sweetmouthfulmixes.com

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